Lightwing AC4

Lightwing AC4 CS-LSA

Lightwing AC4 CS-LSA: We built an aircraft that is simple, nice, modern and inexpensive.

AC4 CS-LSA Characteristics

  • two-seated high wing aircraft
  • MTOW 600 kg
  • payload 235 kg
  • 100 PS injection engine Rotax motor typ 912 iS (Sport)
  • certified according to EASA CS-LSA (EASA.A.588)
  • required pilot license: EASA FCL or LAPL

AC4 Cockpit

Get into the Lightwing AC4 CS-LSA: Convince yourself of the easy access, the wide seating area and large shoulder room.

The large windows and the glass cockpit are designed for unrestricted airspace observation. The spacious back room offers plenty of space for luggage and travel luggage.

Rotax 912 iS

The AC4 is the first aircraft to be certified together with the injection engine Rotax 912 iS.

Very good starting performance, excellent torque characteristics, no carburetor icing, smooth running, low exhaust and noise emissions are attributes of the new engine.

Electronic engine management

The AC4 is equipped with the electronic engine management system EMU 912 iS.

EASA LSA certified

Renew your EASA FCL with the Lightwing AC4! The EASA certificate „Restricted Type Certificate“ allows to fly the mandatory hours to revalidate the PPL with the AC4. You and your environment are taking profit of modern, light, price-effective and ecological technology.

Lightwing AC4 in Sky News

Inexpensive, easy, secure – Lightwing AC4 in the press


  • stall speed FLAP vS0 = 76 km/h
  • stall speed clean vS1 = 82 km/h
  • design maneuvering speed vA = 176 km/h
  • cruise speed vC = 176 km/h
  • never exceed speed VNE = 210 km/h

Technical data

  • range > 600 km
  • fuel consomption 14 l/h
  • fuel tank volume 90 l usable
  • wing span 9.45 m
  • length 7.04 m
  • height 2.67 m


  • Rotax 912 iS
  • 4 stroke, 4 cylinder injection engine
  • capacity 1.352 l
  • maximal power 100 PS (73.8 kW)
  • maximal torque 121 Nm
  • fuel consumption 14 l/h
  • CO2 emmissions < 250 g/km


  • wing span 9.45 m
  • length 7.04 m
  • height 2.67 m

Flight costs

  • Fuel 23 EUR/h
  • maintenance 16 EUR/h
  • hangar rental 5600 EUR/year
  • insurance 1200 EUR/year
  • repayment (15 years) 9600 EUR/year

Weight and payload

  • 2 persons 170 kg
  • luggage 25 kg
  • gasoline 40 kg (51 Liter)
  • empty weight 365 kg
  • MTOW 600 kg



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Lightwing AC4 for rent

We have created a special offer for private pilots organized in groups. This rental service allows quick and easy access to a great plane. The rental fee of sFr. 27’000.- is paid annually.

Cost overview


Marco Trüssel


Robert Woodtli
Sales Representative


Diana Rothen
COO, Head of Production

Kurt Gisler
Quality Manager


Gilles Krienbühl
Aircraft Electrician